India’s wealth of natural resources – renewable and finite – together are set to drive India’s economic growth over the next 20-30 years. With robust GDP growth and burgeoning population, India has ravenous appetite for consumption of a wide variety of commodities including foods, fibers, energy products and metals of all kinds. India will become a major producer, processor, consumer and trader of a wide range of commodities. If production growth trails consumption growth, India is sure to become a very large importer of many commodities such as food products, energy products and metals. Existing large imports of crude oil, gold, fertilizers and vegetable oil are glaring examples. Read more...
• Port Infrastructure • Port Equipment and Technology• Port, Terminal and Logistics Park Operators• Instrumentation, Automation & Control • Shipping Companies• Shipbuilding / Shipyard Industry• Shipyard Installation Equipment• Shipping Liners• GPS Navigation systems• Pallet logistics, loading-equipment suppliers • Processors & Packaging Companies• Safety Technology• Hydraulic Excavators• Cargo & Material Handling Equipment & Systems• Offshore Technology for Exploration of Natural Resources• Marine Equipments & Technology • Commercial Vehicles• Container Railway Owners• Freight & Logistics Companies• Material Handling Solutions • Warehousing Solutions• Supply Chain• Cargo heating, transport refrigeration/cold-chain management• Security systems/anti-theft protection• Integrated traffic management systems (ITMS)• Waste disposal logistics, recycling• Heavy Engineering Products Manufacturers• Dredging Equipment• Port Construction & Facilities• Shipping Companies - Owners & Managers• Shipyard Equipment Suppliers• Trade Association - Export/Import Councils• Sea Traffic Control and Sea Space• Port Safety and Security• Ports Technology • Ocean Engineering
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Tefla's is known for Conceptualizing, Planning and Organizing Research based Industry Specific Conference & Exhibition in tandem with Industry Leaders & Associations. Its event calendar consists of Industry Specific Events which have now become the annual events of various industries attracting wide and comprehensive participation. Some of its events are Globoil India, Globoil International, The Sugar Summit, Alcobev, World Rubber Congress, G2F2 (Global Grain, Food & Feed), International Pulses Forum, International Pepper Conclave, Global Gold Forum, Capital Market Convention, Think CSR, Think Odisha Leadership Awards & Think Literature etc.
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